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Developing innovative software like ADVISIM3D is like having a crazy idea and having it tamed and nurtured by caring software engineers. But no matter how well you nurture it, there comes a time when it has to be released into the wild. Since 2021, ADVISIM3D has had to find its way in the practice of industrial spray cleaning processes, survive, convince natural skeptics, arouse the curiosity of potential customers and ultimately win them over. We will keep you up to date on the progress here.

Pharmatec/Syntegon | ADVISIM3D optimizes internal container cleaning

The hygienic production and packaging of pharmaceuticals places high demands on the cleanability of production systems and containers. Complex CIP (cleaning in place) cleaning systems are required to ensure compliance with the strict GMP guidelines for quality-assured production and to guarantee product safety. The optimum positioning of the cleaning nozzles is essential for the efficiency of the cleaning process. Traditionally, the design of such systems is based on empirical values and extensive test series. This is resource-intensive and often leads to oversized systems to ensure hygiene safety.

Solution with ADVISIM3D

Pharmatec/Syntegon uses the 3D cleaning simulation software ADVISIM3D from ADVITEC to optimize the planning and validation of CIP cleaning processes. The software enables the virtual simulation of spray cleaning processes and the analysis of spray shadows, volume flow distribution and cleaning effect.

Advantages and benefits

Time and cost savings: virtual simulation allows different nozzle configurations and cleaning parameters to be tested quickly and easily without having to carry out complex analog tests. This significantly reduces the time required for the design, dimensioning and validation of cleaning systems. Conservation of resources: The avoidance of spray shadows and oversizing through optimized nozzle configurations leads to lower consumption of cleaning media, water and energy. Better cleaning results: The ability to virtually test a variety of configurations allows Pharmatec/Syntegon to find the optimal balance between hygiene safety and cleaning intensity.
Transparent documentation and validation: ADVISIM3D enables the creation of meaningful documentation and proof of cleanability for audits and quality assurance. The simulation results can be output as colour visualizations and reports.

Cooperation with ADVITEC

Pharmatec/Syntegon was already involved as a competence partner in the SIMKOR research project, which served as the basis for the development of ADVISIM3D. Pharmatec/Syntegon's practical tests under real conditions provided valuable insights for the development of a realistic cleaning simulation.


The use of ADVISIM3D enables Pharmatec/Syntegon to design more efficient and resource-saving cleaning processes for internal container cleaning in the pharmaceutical industry. The simulation can save time and costs, improve cleaning quality and at the same time meet the strict requirements of the pharmaceutical industry.

"ADVISIM3D sets an unprecedented standard in the simulation of internal container cleaning. The 3D visualization and user-friendliness are inspiring and the results are precise and save costs for expensive test series and conversions."
Torsten Große - Design Manager | Standardization and Design Requirements (PADD/ENG-N) | Syntegon Technology GmbH


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Bausch + Ströbel: ADVISIM3D revolutionizes bottle cleaning in pharmaceutical filling and packaging technology

High demands are placed on the cleaning of pharmaceutical machines and containers. For example, bottles for storing and transporting vaccines must be cleaned hygienically before filling in order to reliably remove possible contamination from production, packaging or transportation. A second cleaning process concludes production in order to remove any residue from the outside of the bottles and make the containers ready for transportation.

Bausch + Ströbel, a leading global provider of pharmaceutical packaging solutions with almost 60 years of company history and numerous awards, relies on the virtual cleaning simulation ADVISIM3D. In its own approach, the company uses the software, which is usually used for the internal cleaning of containers, to successfully simulate and optimize the external cleaning of bottles virtually.

The challenge

The bottles are held in place by machine clamps and guided past the cleaning nozzles - static full-cone nozzles at the top and vertically movable flat ejectors at the bottom. WFI water (Water For Injection) is used as the cleaning fluid and compressed air is used for drying. The machine clamps cast spray shadows, making cleaning more difficult. WFI is also comparatively expensive.

The target for optimizing the positioning of the nozzles and clamps using the ADVISIM3D virtual cleaning simulation is a 50 percent saving in WFI, which in this case corresponds to around 250 l/h. In addition, the number of time-consuming cleaning cycles is to be reduced. In addition, the number of time-consuming and cost-intensive analog cleaning tests with riboflavin or diatomaceous earth corn starch should also be halved as far as possible.

The solution

With ADVISIM3D, any number of scenarios can be simulated virtually, without physical prototypes or complex test setups. Different new nozzles, bottle sizes and bottle quantities as well as nozzle positioning and gripper arrangements are simulated. The results of the simulations with direct volume flow application and removed layer thicknesses between 30 and 55 µm match the photo-documented results of the analog tests.

The advantages

The virtual optimization of external bottle cleaning with ADVISIM3D delivers convincing results. Weak points in the cleaning process, such as areas covered by the holding clamps that are difficult to clean, are identified and eliminated. By making targeted adjustments to the nozzle positions and the mounting of the holding clamps, e.g. smaller mounting surfaces, larger distances and modified holding positions, Bausch + Ströbel can continuously improve the cleaning performance and at the same time reduce the consumption of expensive WFI water. The number of physical test runs required is actually halved from 5-6 to 2-4, which saves a lot of time and money.


The successful use of ADVISIM3D outside of the usual application scenarios in container interior cleaning demonstrates the flexibility and enormous potential of this innovative virtualization software. Bausch + Ströbel is also planning to use ADVISIM3D for the cleaning simulation of machine surfaces and for large CAD models with more than 10,000 components, underlining its confidence in the software as a reliable digital assistant and an innovative and efficient virtualization solution in pharmaceutical filling and packaging technology.

Dresden, 29.05.2024


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ADVITEC Manufacturer Report | Why we developed ADVISIM3D and brought it to market maturity

ADVISIM3D is the market-leading digital answer to the current analog challenges of hygiene safety, resource and environmental protection in industrial cleaning. Together with our cooperation partners in the publicly funded SIMKOR research project, we recognized the need for a virtualization solution for the planning, validation and optimization of spray cleaning processes at an early stage. Conventional methods based on analog tests were time-consuming and resource-intensive and often led to oversized cleaning systems for safety reasons.


Together with our cooperation partners in the publicly funded SIMKOR research project, we recognized the need for a virtualization solution for the planning, validation and optimization of spray cleaning processes at an early stage. Conventional methods based on analog tests were time-consuming and resource-intensive and often led to oversized cleaning systems for safety reasons.

As a leading research institute in the field of static and dynamic spray cleaning, the Fraunhofer Institute for Process Engineering and Packaging (IVV) Dresden was an important initial source of inspiration. The institute has many years of experience in cleaning technology, particularly in the experimental research of interactions and in the monitoring and recording of cleaning processes. As part of SIMKOR, the Fraunhofer IVV Dresden was responsible for collecting the metrological data. Comparable data also form the physical basis for reliable and realistic predictions of the cleaning effect of ADVISIM3D.

Since its market launch in 2021, ADVISIM3D has been continuously developed and improved to meet the requirements of users in the field and to establish the software as the industry standard for the pharmaceutical, food, manufacturing and other sectors.

Arguments in favor of the ADVISIM3D virtual cleaning simulation
  • Resource efficiency: ADVISIM3D can be used to virtually simulate and optimize cleaning processes in order to reduce the consumption of cleaning fluids, water and energy.
  • Accuracy and reliability: The software is based on scientific data and algorithms provided by the Fraunhofer IVV Dresden as part of the SIMKOR project, enabling precise simulations and valid statements about the cleaning effect.
  • Time and cost savings: ADVISIM3D accelerates the design and validation process of cleaning systems, reduces the need for time-consuming analogue tests and minimizes downtimes.
  • Improved transparency and documentation: The software provides a 3D visualization of the cleaning process and enables automated reporting. This increases transparency and simplifies documentation.
  • Continuous innovation: ADVITEC regularly optimizes and updates ADVISIM3D to meet the changing requirements of the industry and to integrate new functions.

"ADVISIM3D is the first market-ready product of our strategic development offensive 'Software for industrial cleaning'. Since 2015, ADVITEC has been building up in-depth expertise in the digitalization of cleaning processes, particularly in the areas of virtual simulation and robot control. We regularly contribute our expertise to research and funding projects with partners from science, industry and politics. Our common goal: resource optimization through more efficient cleaning processes for the benefit of the environment, society and companies."
Norbert Ebersbach - Managing Director and Product Manager | Project ADVISIM3D | ADVITEC Informatik GmbH


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