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We’ll include it. We won’t. We’ll include it. We won’t.

We'll include it: a highly complex simulation of cleaning efficiency based on an extended laboratory test even for stubborn dirt! Before that, the decision whether to actually include it with the launch version of ADVISIM3D had gone back and forth several times.

This example illustrates how important the constructive exchange with our technology partners and customers is for product development. As perfectionists, the transfer capacity that engineers still have to provide on the basis of the simulation results in order to make a realistic statement about the expected cleaning efficiency in their specific system seemed too great to us. But in the end, the practitioners convinced us that the simulation of the cleaning efficiency is such a valuable tool, despite all its complexity, that experienced engineers can be trusted to apply it to their specific cleaning constellation.

Has the last word been spoken? For the launch version ‒ yes. Our customers will certainly have a say in what happens next. Because not everything that is desirable is feasible and sensible. And not everything feasible is needed in practice.

Your constructive feedback regarding which performance features of ADVISIM3D you would like to see in your application scenario and what, from your point of view, does not yet work as desired is indispensable for us. And, of course, we are also happy to receive encouragement, should you not wish to follow the Bavarian motto: “Not being scolded is praise enough.”

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