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Christmas, weird trade fair experiences, new partnerships, birthdays or bicycle tours are certainly not part of our business model, and yet they sometimes provide the most beautiful stories. For them, we have set up this ominous corner, where, as in almost every home and office, the most diverse things accumulate in a mysterious way.

ADVITEC wishes you a merry and full of light christmas

Last year changed the world

– God knows not only, but also for the better: back to real life interactions, to a new balance in working life, to more rhythm and serenity in the family circle.
We wish all of you and us at ADVITEC more of the same, but above all a good dose of confidence. Let's call it a kind of eight-and-dime confidence that encourages us to change things, but also allows us to pause and enjoy what we have achieved without closing our eyes to the many challenges ahead. A Merry Christmas and better year 2023!

World Thankfulness Day 2022

Thankful ADVITEC trade fair review of Drinktec 2022

21.09.2022 | On World Thanksgiving Day, you should what? Exactly! We take this day as the occasion for a thankful drinktec trade show review.
Our special thanks go to our visitors at the booth. With your application scenarios and impulses, you make ADVISIM3D and CleanAssist more and more the perfect match for users of manual industrial cleaning as well as pioneers in the use of virtualization solutions.

Thanks are also due to our enablers from outside, who made these two innovations possible and have been actively supporting them with brains and energy ever since, such as FraunhoferIVV, Walther Gerätebau, Pharmatec and Innovations- und Simulationsservice Festenberg. We are less grateful to the organizer, who reacted to last-minute cancellations by our booth neighbors by increasing the empty space around our booth to a good 100 m². Well, we involuntarily became an oasis in the desert and people feasted all the more on our really successful videos, which attracted almost every viewer to the booth and to the coffee. Many of them - inspired by the lack of resources and the new energy cost structure - were specifically looking for innovations and ideas from do-gooders like us.
What is drinktec and what has it done for us?
International, innovative and high quality, these are the attributes of the world's leading trade fair for the beverage and liquid food industry from 12-16 September 2022 in Munich. It counted a total of 1,002 exhibitors from 55 countries and almost 50,000 visitors from 169 countries. For us at ADVITEC, I count a proud 84 contacts from 16 countries.

Surprisingly, innovation for manual cleaning accounted for almost 50% of all interested parties and requested application scenarios. It was about production rooms, machines outside, but also containers inside, which are often still cleaned manually and often without a system. The cleaning lance including AR-based cleaning documentation via tablet was therefore very well received by our visitors. The combinable Hololens was eyed with interest and *not yet* "seen" in productive use, too utopian? And even I sometimes had the feeling of being in the wrong movie when I saw my colleagues wearing #hololens ;-)
Now we're probing the leads, working through all the requests for information, individual product presentations and offers, and looking forward to seeing the user group for our innovations continue to grow. Very exciting to see which and how many people want to help shape the future to quickly phase out antiquated cleaning scenarios. If you are one of them or want to be, please do not hesitate to contact us. Together, we are revolutionizing manual and automated industrial cleaning thanks to virtual simulation and other digitalization solutions.
Once again many thanks and best regards

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CleanAssist and ADVISIM3D together on tour

ADVITEC at drinktec - the world's leading trade fair for beverages and liquid foods

06.07.2022 | For the first time, ADVITEC presents both innovations from the field of cleaning virtualization or simulation at one trade show: CleanAssist is an intelligent cleaning lance for continuous quality assurance and documentation of manual cleaning processes with the help of a "digital twin".

ADVISIM3D is the ideal digital assistant in the design development process of complex spray cleaning systems. The software puts an end to the time-consuming and resource-intensive analog testing in the cleaning environment of permanently installed nozzles. ADVISIM3D offers the possibility to test the type, number and position of linear and rotating nozzles of all renowned manufacturers in a purely virtual environment created according to scientifically determined real data. It can also be quickly and conveniently adapted to any specific requirement. The simulation reveals spray shadows in the instant view and lets you reliably and safely test the spot-on cleaning effect of your variants over time.

You can test CleanAssist and ADVISIM3D live at drinktec 2022 from 12-16.9. in Munich at our corner booth 438 in hall A3. ADVITEC is not only an exhibitor, but will also enrich the trade fair program with its own presentation.

To make an appointment, please select the subject "Inquiry trade fair date drinktec 2022" in the ⭸ contact form and tell us your idea of a date.

We look forward to hearing from you, your cleaning scenario and your problem.

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On Tour

With ADVISIM3D at trade fairs of the food industry

08.04.2022 | We are where our ADVISIM3D customers are. 2022 we visit the Anuga FoodTec from 26-29.04.2022 in Cologne and the IFFa from 14-19.05.2022 in Frankfurt a. M.
We would be happy to arrange a personal ADVISIM3D presentation appointment with you as a trade fair visitor. At the Drinktec from 12-16.09.2022 in Munich we will be represented as exhibitor with our own booth and presentation. We are already looking forward to meeting you!

We will visit our customers and interested persons at the Anuga FoodTec 2022 from 26-29.4. in Cologne at their booth or arrange a personal ADVISIM3D presentation appointment with you as a trade fair visitor in the respective lounge area of the trade fair.

You would like to get to know us? Then please select "Inquiry trade fair date AnugaFoodTec 2022" in the contact form. We will then contact you as soon as possible to arrange an appointment via one of the channels you have requested.

As a long-standing research partner, we will be present at IFFA 2022 from May 14-19 in Frankfurt a. M. at the Fraunhofer IVV booth in Hall 11.1, Booth B70, for holistic solution concepts around meat processing and alternative protein sources. There we will present the intelligent cleaning lance CleanAssist for continuous quality assurance and documentation of manual cleaning processes with the help of a "digital twin". In addition, we will be happy to show you the potential that ADVISIM3D can unleash in your cleaning scenario in the exhibition lounge.

To make an appointment, please use the ⭸ contact form and select the subject "Inquiry about IFFA 2022 trade show date" and let us know when you would like to meet.

At Drinktec 2022 from 12-16.9. in Munich we will be present as exhibitor as well as with a presentation and would be pleased to welcome you at our booth. To make an appointment, please select the subject "Inquiry about Drinktec 2022" in the ⭸ contact form and tell us what date you would like to meet.

Arrange your presentation appointment with us via our ⭸ contact form. We look forward to meeting you, your cleaning scenario and your problem.

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Happy first birthday!

20.10.2021 | Basically, according to the Western way of counting, one does not begin to exist at all until the completion of the first year of life, because before that, strictly speaking, one is zero years old. According to the traditional East Asian way of counting, which is still practiced by many people in South Korea today, one is already one year old on the day of birth.
In China, people always turn one year older on Chinese New Year, so in extreme cases a newborn can be two years old just one day after birth.


Well, we have experienced so much with ADVISIM3D and had so much work, as if the world's first and to this day unique virtual simulation software for complex spray cleaning systems had actually turned two years old the day after its birth.

But ADVISIM3D is not, instead the standard software for the pharmaceutical, cosmetics, food, automotive or nozzle manufacturing industries is gradually establishing itself on the market 12 months after its launch. Challenges are becoming apparent, for example a certain reluctance on the part of long-serving engineers to have their experience knowledge enriched by a digital assistant. There are also features that are currently still missing, such as the ability to add one's own nozzles to the software simulation of the spray patterns of rotating nozzles.

After one year, the first interim balance of ADVISIM3D with many distributed productive and test licenses and encouraging customer feedback is nevertheless very positive overall. And more than that, we at ADVITEC are increasingly recognizing the enormous potential of our rapidly growing development expertise in the areas of robotics, automation and virtualization, especially for industrial cleaning. Several new research projects, some of which have already been awarded funding, show what a valuable contribution digitalization can make to reducing time, personnel and financial expenditure, as well as to reducing the ecological footprint and achieving greater sustainability. This encourages us to continue with full commitment.

We are looking forward to the second year with ADVISIM3D, the customer-oriented further development of an already very good product, and to the intensive cooperation with our research partners such as the Fraunhofer Institute IVV. And most of all, we are looking forward to as many customers as possible with different requirements and application scenarios, who can continue to grow with ADVISIM3D and on whom ADVISIM3D can also continue to grow.

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